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Financial Services

Financial Services

Piccadilly Prime has expanded into the international financial and capital markets. Our main activities and services include:


  • Trading in financial markets

  • Client investment management

  • Fund raising for energy, petrochemical and biochemical projects.

Partnering with Global Investment Network (GINet) to runs and managed our financial market trading, our financial market trading is established using an exceptional algorithm to trade through API in:


  • LSE UK, EU and International Market

  • ICE Future Market 

  • CFDs

  • Forex 


As a part of our service, we offer investment management to our clients from various sectors. Our team of experts provide advice by setting their investment return and risk as their highest priority.


Piccadilly prime welcomes all investors to get on board with our vision in the financial market and the unique opportunities we offer.​

Financial Services Enquiry

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