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Business Development 

Strategic Business Development

Piccadilly Prime has the skills, insight and deep industry experience required to shape and develop your value. Whether it is using our own ideas and executing the process into a reality, using your business idea and bringing it to life, or if you have an established business and seek growth, operational reinvention or strategic management of resources, our services are for you.

We plan and develop business ideas into feasible and realistic ventures that can profitably grow in their market and maintain a competitive advantage.

An international and sustainable organisation integrating the needs of the world in different industries.

Piccadilly Prime finds an opportunity and pulls resources to make it happen; we plan, source, develop and finance projects.  We use our capabilities, resources, knowledge and experience to analyse the Oil and Gas industry to find new grounds of opportunities that have the potential to be created or developed. 

We provide the idea, You provide the means, We provide the solution.


Create, Invest, Implement. 


Global Investment Network

In the fiercely competitive financial market, Global Investment Network (GINet) sought to expand in the stock, equity and derivative markets. 

To successfully complete this dramatic expansion, a sophisticated algorithm-based trading tool was necessary. With the help of Piccadilly Prime, GINet put together a team of experts, the required infrastructure and essential tools to set grounds in the financial market trading.


QMAB is ​one of the few pioneers of microalgae

and biochemicals development.

With a substantial focus on healthy living in today`s world

The microalgae industry creates a relatively new market and introducing such products in this market requires specialised expertise.

QMAB chose Piccadilly Prime as its consultant to introduce its products onto the market. Piccadilly Prime applied its Product Development Practice (PDP) comprising the following services:

  • Market Research

  • Feasibility Study

  • Strategy Planning

  • Commercialising

  • Post-Launch Support

Strategic Business Development Enquiries

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