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Procurement Management

Piccadilly Prime's in-house procurement system, 3PS, ensures optimal proficiency in the trading process, using our extensive list of worldwide suppliers in Marine, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Biochemical Industries.


We have created a platform to meet our clients` demands in a professional and hassle-free manner.

We manage the procurement and supply of equipment and materials within Oil and Gas (both onshore and offshore), maritime, chemical and biochemical industries. We manage the sourcing, negotiation, technical clarification, commercial bid evaluation, purchase order, manufacturing, shipping and delivery of the product.


The Business Development team at Piccadilly Prime employed its expertise to revolutionise the previous in-situ work culture by introducing 3PS, a comprehensive and integral platform for projects. It serves both our clients' and suppliers' demands.


There is an increasing demand for smart and strategic measures to enhance productivity in almost every industry, 3PS allows Piccadilly Prime to meet this demand in procurement projects.

Piccadilly Prime’s Procurement Department has been involved in a range of procurement projects in various industries that require a complex and essential platform to enhance efficiency in this process.


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